Impacting A Community

Aug 21, 2007

Folks…as I sit here at my computer I am literally blown away at the results of the food drive that our church just did.

I said last week that with a church our size we should NOT aim at just filling up one food pantry in our community…but that we should go for filling up two.


Jake Beaty, our Outreach Pastor, just sent me an e-mail with the following:

  • We completely filled up 4 organization’s food pantry’s…Salvation Army, Soup Kitchen, Haven of Rest, and Anderson Interfaith Ministries.
  • We filled a storage room at the Salvation Army waist high with food.
  • When we got to the Soup Kitchen, their pantry was completely bare, and when we left an hour later, it was overflowing.
  • We unloaded 1 – 7’x 24’ moving truck and 3 - 6’x12’ trailers and Paul Marshall’s pick up truck that were all completely full of food.
  • It took 11 guys 5 hours to unload everything.
  • 2 trailers were so full that we could not move them last night and the base of the trailer jack of one of them was buried in the asphalt (b/c of the weight of the food in the trailer.).
  • It is amazing the difference a church can make in a community when people will work together and give generously toward a common vision and purpose.

YEAH GOD!!! NewSpring…this is just the beginning of the impact the Lord wants us to have in this community! By participating in this food drive we were able to take Jesus to the world. Jesus said in Matthew 25:31-46 that those who truly know Him are generous in meeting physical needs in His name.

I know there are tons of needs in our community…and I praise God that through your incredible generosity we were able to make a major investment in four wonderful organizations that do so much for the under-resourced. Way to step it up!!!