If You Are Perfect…STAY AWAY!

Jan 1, 2009

This Sunday (January 4th) we are beginning a new series entitled, “No Perfect People Allowed!”

For far too long church has been a place for “perfect people.”  AND…if you weren’t perfect you either didn’t go…or pretended you were perfect while you were there!

BUT…as I read through Scripture I find VERY FEW…oh wait…actually, I don’t find ANY PLACE where Christ said that only perfect people could follow Him!

Seriously, have you read through the Gospels and seen how imperfect His disciples were…and yet these were the very men He used to change and shape the world!

SO…this Sunday we will begin our five month journey through the Sermon on the Mount by looking at what type of church God really wants us to be…and how He wants to use imperfect people to do amazing things.

Can’t wait!