Get The Word Out…

Nov 28, 2006

Sunday, December 10th will be one of the most amazing Sunday’s we’ve ever had at NewSpring Church! Let me explain…

Go back in time with me to the fall of 1999. Many of you remember a golfer named Payne Stewart. I do not watch golf—but I do remember this guy because he wore knickers…and I can say that because of that ONE fact he was much more of a man that I will ever be. Somehow I just don’t think I could pull of knickers!!!

I remember hearing the story (you probably remember it also) about how his plane took off from Orlando headed for Dallas…and sometime early in the flight it experienced some MAJOR complications and as a result everyone on board, including Payne, perished. The plane eventually ran out of gas and crashed in South Dakota. I still remember feeling sick when I heard this story.

Fast forward to last year…someone mentioned to me that Payne Stewart had a daughter…and that she attended Clemson and comes to NewSpring. I told this person that they were smoking crack. BUT…several months later when I spoke at Clemson’s FCA I met Chelsea…and sure enough—she is Payne Stewarts daughter AND she attends NewSpring.

I spoke with her about the possibility of having her share her testimony sometime here at church…and she agreed. We followed up with her about a month ago and she was still looking forward to sharing all that God has done through the tragedy that she experienced. We began the creative process of designing a service where her story could be told in a way that totally honors Jesus Christ…and we thought we had it all figured out…until…

Chelsea came to our creative meeting last Tuesday. DANG!!! We simply asked her questions and she told her story…and at one point everyone in the room was in tears…one lady had to actually get up and leave. HER story CAPTIVATED us…and as a result of meeting with her we changed several things about the Sunday where she is going to share.

Let me say this about Chelsea…I have been more impressed with this young lady that just about anyone I have ever met. She does not have an egotistical personality like some would think the daughter of someone famous might have. She is not self centered. She is simply a young lady who is in love with Jesus Christ…has experienced something in her life that is devastating…and is willing to talk about it in order to make Jesus famous and advance God’s kingdom.

According to human standards…Chelsea has every right to be mad at God. However, the way she told her story that day in creativity impacted me in such a profound way that I can’t even explain it. She’s not someone who is bitter at God…but rather she understands that God is so much bigger than we are…and so are His ways.

I said all of that to say this—you do not want to miss Sunday, December 10th. I honestly believe it is going to be one of the most powerful services we have ever had here at NewSpring church. If you know someone who does not know Christ…or who is angry at God—get them here. I honestly believe God is going to speak through Chelsea in an incredible way…lives are going to be changed…and God’s kingdom is going to be enlarged.

Tell everyone you know…and pray like crazy for God to do something amazing!!!