May 11, 2008

Hey Mommy—Happy Mother’s Day!


Hey mommy…this is Charisse, I’ll bet you didn’t know I could write.  (Well—daddy IS helping me just a little—but, I am FULL of surprises!)  I just wanted to let you know how much I love you…and wanted to say thank you for…

  • Carrying me!  I understand that hauling me around in your belly wasn’t the most convenient thing in the world.  Sorry about all of the ribs I kicked…I was practicing for kicking boys.
  • Giving me birth!  Daddy tells me that it was a C-section…which had its good points and bad points.  Either way, once again, you were willing to inconvenience yourself so that I could enter the world.  Thank you for your unselfishness.
  • All of the feedings…especially the late night ones.  You often went without sleep to make sure that I was cared for.  You walked around, at times, looking like a zombie…and yes, I know it was my fault.  Once again you went without so that I could have!
  • All of the educational videos you’ve watched with me…and all of the books you’ve read.  I know that you have, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” memorized…but you read it every time just like it’s the first time you’ve seen it.  Thank you for making it exciting for me.
  • All of the times you’ve cleaned me up and changed my diapers…I have pee’d on you, pooped on you, spit up on you…and you’ve never stopped loving me.  Thank you that you don’t expect perfection from me and for keeping in mind that I’m just a little girl.
  • For putting your life “on hold” for me.  I know you went to school to be a doctor…and put a lot of time into pursuing that career…yet when I came along you made the decision to invest in me.
  • For praying for my salvation everyday…and for praying for my future mate as well.  I know that daddy has said I can get married when I am 55…but we both know he’ll cave in and let me get married when I am 40!
  • For loving daddy (even though he is big and hairy!)  Thank you for taking a vacation with him and without me…the best thing you can do for me is for you and him to always have a solid marriage…and you both demonstrate that very well!

Mommy—there is NO WAY I can say “thank you” for all you have poured into me for the past ten months…and the nine months before that.  I will not fully understand and/or appreciate all that you have done for me until I am a mommy one day.  BUT…I did want you to know that I love you and that you are the best mommy in the world…I’m blessed that God allowed you to give birth to me.

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