Perry Answers Your Singleness, Sex And Dating Questions - Part 5

Jul 26, 2015



Episode Description

In this podcast Perry answers REAL questions that you've submitted to about singleness, sex and dating! In this month's episode, Perry answered the following questions:

  • "Where did marriage begin? What is a Biblical marriage?" - Beth
  • "I have feelings for a guy in my church and I believe he has feelings for me but how do I pursue the foundation of a friendship before feelings get in the way?" - Brodi
  • "Thoughts on Online Dating? Does God really call us to look online, or is it a sign of desperation or impatience?" - Sara
  • "I've never had a serious relationship before, but I think I found 'the one' for me. We are extremely tempted sexually and have messed up In that area but don't want to tell our parents. Is it okay to marry in private, have sex, and act like our wedding day is the first time without telling anyone? We're afraid of crushing our parents dreams for one another." - Brandon
  • "How much of your beliefs should you be willing to compromise on when marrying another believer?" - Christopher
  • "What do I do if my friend is engaged to a guy who I feel like isn't a good enough follower of Jesus to be with her?" - Ann
  • "I'm dating a wonderful guy who loves Jesus and is pursuing a relationship with both God and with me. But I'm cautious, and I can always see potential problems. I think this would be true of any relationship... So my question is, how can I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this guy is the one God has in mind for me?" - Bethany
  • "When/how much do you say I need to settle? Most of the women my age have already had children(2-3) and have been married. It's not so much the fact about children it's more of the fact about the other guy in that lady's life." - Gary
  • "I was in a relationship with my best friend for seven years; through middle school, high school, and our first year of college. We had come to find what love was together and what it meant to be in love... I thought. The last year of our relationship, he asked me to be more physical because he loved me, but to me, that was the ultimate form of affection and love. I thought we would end up together. So I consented. My heart is now more broken than I could have ever imagined. My question is, if it is love, and you plan on spending your life with that person, is it okay to have sex? Or would it be simply better to wait?" - Lydia
  • "How can you tell if a woman is sending you signals or just being nice? That's one of the most frustrating parts of it. You think she's sending you signals or signs and turns around she's just being nice when you try to pursue her? How can you tell the difference?" - Matt

Episode Resources

Perry is writing a book on being single, relationships and dating scheduled to release later in 2016 and he would LOVE to know what questions you have as a single person, or wish you would've asked before you got married. Just send in your question at and he may answer it in his book!