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Happy Birthday Charisse

Jun 27, 2008

A year ago she arrived…

And here she is a year later…



  • I love you…and I always will. There is nothing you can do to make me stop loving you!
  • Hearing you say “daddy” was one of THE most awesome events in my life.
  • I pray daily for your salvation…the thing I want the most out of your life is for you to be in heaven with your mother and I.
  • God has used you to teach me so much about HIS unconditional love.
  • Seeing you smile ALWAYS makes me smile.
  • I love our Saturday morning dates…and pray that those continue…FOREVER.
  • I love seeing your face light up when I give you a sip of sweet tea…I knew you would love it.
  • I will always share my ice cream with you…and that’s pretty special!
  • Your blue eyes are beautiful!
  • The first time you hugged me was amazing…I love “daddy hugs!”
  • Feeding you your first Krispy Kreme doughnut was so much fun!


I could go on and on. This first year happened fast—people told me that it would. You have grown up so much…and I know that before I blink you will be five, then twelve, the graduating high school, then college…and then some guy is going to want to marry you—if he survives what I put him through—I might let him! :-)


(Don’t you just love the shirt!!!)

I want you to know you’re incredible. I am sure I will make some mistakes as your dad; however, I hope you know that I will always…

  • Love your mother
  • Love you
  • Beg God to give me wisdom on how to raise you
  • And tell you about Jesus

\"DSC01364.JPG\"Charisse—happy birthday…you are a gift from God to your mother and I…and I will never take you for granted. You are an amazing girl—God has an incredible plan for your life…and I can’t wait to see it unfold.