Current Events

Terrorism, Islam and the Gospel.

Mar 22, 2016

Terrorists killed innocent people again today in Europe, and the world is sad, stunned and confused.

Some are screaming for war, others are trying to negotiate - however, I believe the only way to stop terrorism is by stopping Islam - and the only way to stop Islam is the Gospel.

Lots of people seem to be ignoring the fact that every act of terrorism we've witnessed has been done under the banner of Islam.

(At this point - for those who want to bring up the Crusades, I think we've pretty much had that under control over the past 1,000 years!)

I am not calling for a Holy War - I'm simply raising my hand and saying I really do believe a person who has had their heart transformed by Jesus and follows Him will not commit acts of terrorism.

I am not saying Christians should be mean to Muslims - I think we should love them, get to know them, ask them questions about their faith and share the Gospel with them!!!

Our "product" is better!  Muslims just take a pilgrimage (at least once in their life) to Mecca and can visit Medina to honor the dead body of the founder of Islam - Muhammad.

Christians do not have a body to honor but rather an empty tomb to be celebrated!!

Islam is based on doing good works!

Christianity is based on grace!

At this point as a follower of Christ I am personally committed to three things...

1 - Prayer for the Gospel to spread like wildfire in countries where Islam is the dominant religion.

2 - Learning more about the religion of Islam and the politics of the Middle East.

3 - Not allowing my mind to fall into the trap of believing that every Muslim is a terrorist. Although every act of terrorism has been performed by a Muslim...I will not allow myself to either hate or fear an entire group of people.

Jesus Christ changes lives!  He once took what would be the equivalent of a "terrorist" (Paul, who was killing Christians) and turned him into one of the Gospel's all time greatest proclaimers...and if He did it back then He can do it again!

Let's pray for a revival in that part of the world!!!