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Jan 10, 2018

Four Benefits Of Attending A Private Workshop

For years I have attended conferences, read books and listened to podcasts (which are all AWESOME for personal growth and development...

...however, more often than not I would leave a conference and/or read a book and say to myself, "that's great, I have been told WHAT to do - but I have no idea HOW to do it."  

Then, several years ago I attended a roundtable event where attendance was capped out at a certain number and I was able to get specific questions answered--and saying it propelled me forward in my leadership journey would be an understatement - I came out of that event with much vision and clarity - and our church was able to take major steps forward.  

THEN...just a few years ago I hired a consultant to come in and work with our team on clarifying our mission - and because of the day and a half spent with this guy we were able to hit a financial goal that had evaded us for 16 years.  

Which is why one of the main things I am doing this year at The Growth Company is hosting private workshops for church and business leaders.  

What are the benefits?  

#1 - The Focus Of The Entire Day (or Two) Is On You And Your Church (or Business) - I won't be delivering any conference talks or stirring speeches - but rather we will dig down deep and focus on your organization.  

#2 - You Will Have Creative & Leadership Ideas You've Never Had Before - I promise this will happen, and NOT because I'm awesome (I made a 790 on my SAT) - but because you and your team are in a different environment having focused conversations - that is where the best ideas come from.  

#3 - You Will Leave The Event With A Plan - Not one that is "somewhere out there" - but rather one that, over the next 6-12 months will take your organization several steps forward.  

#4 - Your Passion Will Be Renewed - When vision is clarified and clear next steps are identified--passion levels increase like crazy!
I can promise it will be well worth the investment for you and up to five of your team members to get out of your normal routine and into a space/place with a person who can walk with you and help you develop a plan specific to your situation.  

Go here - click the schedule a call button in the upper right hand corner and let's talk.  We would LOVE to partner with you and your organization.  

PS - it's at least worth a phone call (which is absolutely free by the way!)  

PPS - I still do a very limited number of private workshops where I will come to your organization, you can details for that as well if you are interested when you call.   

Let's do this!  

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