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Oct 31, 2017

Do You Want Your Church To Grow?

If the answer is “yes” you don’t need to feel bad or shamed (for too long there has been a subculture in church would that shames people for actually wanting to fulfill the Great Commission!)

I want your church to grow - but more than that, I believe Jesus wants your church to grow.

Let me share three ways I believe our churches can experience growth!

#1 - Prayer

There is nothing like the power of prayer!  

Prayer shakes prisons and sets people free (Acts 16).

Prayer has the power to transform our lives in ways we could never imagine.

However - this is where many churches stop in regards to a church growth plan.  (And why many are not growing!)

Prayer is awesome - but it not the only responsibility of a leader.  As I often say - God gave Noah a powerful vision for the ark and salvation for the human race...but Noah did not merely pray the ark into existence! 

Which leads to...

#2 - Planning

A mentor told me over 20 years ago, “Fail to plan, plan to fail!”

It’s awesome that we want our churches to grow - but...what is your PLAN to grow?

This is where people like to say, “We don’t need to plan sermons and series, Jesus said He would give us the words to say when we didn’t know what to say...”

Which is true...kinda!

Jesus did say He would give people the words to say - but the specific text referenced here is in direct relation to people being on trial for the life as they stood in front of leaders - He never meant for it to be used as an excuse for preachers who are too lazy to prepare. 

“Is planning Biblical,” some like to ask!


A causal reading through any one of the Gospels clearly shows Jesus had a plan!

Genesis chapter one is a clear demonstration of the fact The Lord plans - the details associated with each day of creation (and the commands with them) make it so obvious that God is a God of design and order!

So - if you want your church to grow - what is your plan?  (BTW - you will walk away from the preaching event with a plan for your church to grow!)

#3 - Perspiration 

All too often Christians are willing to pray for God’s will - we are just not willing to perspire to get it done!!

Noah got the ark through prayer - but built it with planning and perspiration!  

Leaders who leverage their leadership to their maximum capacity have the passion to perspire in order to see what God showed them in prayer become reality to the organizations they lead.  

At the Preaching Event - we are going to learn a lot - but you will also dig deep and do work (along with others who attend) in order to figure out WHAT your church needs to hear - and WHEN they should hear it! 

The early bird deadline ends tomorrow at midnight...go here and register ASAP - can’t wait!   

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