Do You HATE Stepping On The Scale To See How Much You Weigh?

Dec 20, 2018

Nearly every person I’ve asked this question to has said “yes!”  

Which reminds me of my annual trip to the doctors office I took a few years ago.  

“Can you step on the scale Mr. Noble?” the nurse asked.  

I would have honestly rather had my head sown to the carpet than to step on the stupid scale.  

I saw the nurse give me a peak out of the corner of her eye that said, “really?”  

When I saw the number I thought the same thing.  

I left the doctors office thinking, “I’m tired of this crap—and I’m going to do something about it…one day!”  

I had great intensions - but the reason I stayed stuck in my overweight condition was I had no actual plan to get out of my overweight condition.  

In working with people over the past year to help them accomplish their weight loss goals - one of the number one things people have said was they knew they needed to get serious—but just didn’t know how.  

Walking into a gym “cold turkey” can be intimidating (and without a plan people usually last less than two weeks.)  

Figuring out what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat isn’t easy.  

Which is why I wrote my eBook, “I Can Win With Weight” - a 90 day journey that will literally transform the way you look and feel.  

It’s a simple but practical plan that, if followed, will absolutely change the way you look and feel about yourself.  

It seriously is the best $7 investment you can make in your personal health and nutrition.  

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