Dec 15, 2010

Christmas Eve Services

HOLY COW…this has NEVER happened before in the history of our church…

We’ve given out more tickets for these services than any other service we’ve ever had…and I hope that you have already gotten your ticket and also made plans to bring family members and friends who desperately need to hear the Gospel.

We already have services that are literally “sold out!”  The tickets are free…but we use the term “sold out” because, well…actually I don’t know, maybe we should use “gave out!”  Either way…certain services are full…such as…

  • Anderson Campus - Wednesday, December 22 @ 7pm
  • Anderson Campus - Thursday, December 23 @ 7pm
  • AND…all three services on Friday (10am, 4pm and 6pm are filling up quickly!)
  • Greenville Campus - Thursday @ 7pm is full
  • AND…all three services on Friday (same times as above) are filling up quickly as well!)
  • Columbia and Florence…the Thursday night option at 7pm will probably be full by this Sunday…so get ‘em now!
  • There is still room in Cola and Florence on Friday (at 10am, 4pm and 6pm) keep on inviting!!!


I promise you NewSpring Church…it is going to be an amazing Christmas celebration.  I can’t wait…hope you guys are praying hard (HOSANNA) and doing everything you can to get people here.

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