Brand New Resource For NewSpring Church - 10 Things!!!

Jun 15, 2011

I am SO pumped about THIS brand new resource available on the NewSpring Church website.

For the past two weeks I’ve shared 10 things that I want for every owner/member of NewSpring Church and have had a BLAST doing so.

Our incredible communications area took it to the next level in regards to these messages and prepared this page on our website that has every one of the ten things listed along with sermons we’ve done on those particular subjects as well as seminars, series and pdf downloads.  This is an INCREDIBLE resource for those who are wanting to take additional steps in their walk with Christ.

Additionally, we’ve also put a podcast on itunes entitled, “NewSpring Church:  10 Things” that has every single one of the resources (sermons, seminars, etc.) on it that you can download for free…just go to itunes and search for “NewSpring Church:  1o Things” OR go to the 10 things website and there is a link to the podcast at the bottom of the page.

Just in case you missed it above…here is the link! :-)