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Americans Have Officially Lost Our Freakin’ Minds!

May 31, 2016

Not too long ago I wrote some thoughts about the uproar caused over Cecil the Lion.

Now - I feel I must bang the drum again...

A few days ago it seems a three-year-old boy fell into the gorilla exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo.

The gorilla dragged the boy through shallow water and up a rock wall, so in order to protect the child, the gorilla was shot.

Human life was chosen over the gorilla...

And THAT has dominated the news in our country!!!

I read today that over 300,000 people have signed a petition to try to get the police to investigate the parents!

(Let me be clear - if the mom and dad thought it would be awesome to toss their toddler into the gorilla's playground then something SHOULD be something done. However, I would be willing to bet that's not the case!)

What's my point here?

It's simple - hypocrisy!

I wonder if the same 300,000 people have been equally bothered by Christians being beheaded/tortured in the Middle East?

I wonder if the same 300,000 people were as upset when all of the dirt was exposed on planned parenthood?

I wonder if the same 300,000 people were as upset when Dr. Kermitt Gosnell murdered a child after a botched abortion?

I feel bad for the gorilla...but...I would argue that human life simply has more value.

The Bible states in Genesis 1:27 that God made man and woman (and no other creature) in His own image.

Psalm 139 talks about how we were custom designed by the hands of our Creator.

Let me be very clear - this does NOT mean we can be cruel to animals (even cats)! However, it was very clear in this situation that a human life was at stake and when you consider that life against the feelings of some people who most likely never even saw the gorilla, putting the gorilla down, though tragic, was absolutely the right call.