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I Can’t Believe You Are Two!!!

Jun 27, 2009


You were born two years ago today!!!  AND…I loved you the minute I saw you and knew that there is NOTHING you could ever do to make me stop loving you!


I was amazed at how tiny you were!!!


And if being cute were a crime…you would have been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!  \"dsc00907\"

Your smile has brought your mother and I incredible amounts of joy…Scripture says that children are a blessing and you are a living example of that!


We dressed you up as a lamb for your first Halloween…sorry about that!  \"dsc01367\"

And we prayed that your hair would grow longer so people would not keep asking, “how old is he…” DESPITE the fact we dressed you in pink!  \"dsc01416\"

Uh…you didn’t really like the beach the first time we took you…but it grew on you!


And despite your mothers love for FSU…I really do think you are going to be a Tiger fan!!!  \"dsc01955\"

You’ve always been quite serious about fashion!


Making a snowman with you was so much fun!


And your smile seems to bring a smile to everyone who sees you!  \"dsc02652\"

Thanks for helping your mother make my birthday cake!


And seeing you put my shoes on made me realize how big my freakin feet are!!!  \"dsc02668\"

I loved your first pedicure!!!  \"dsc00876\"

And…as I promised you before you were even born…I will always love your mother.  She is the most beautiful woman I know…and you being born has been one of the greatest things that has ever happened to us.

I pray that we will always be the parents that Jesus wants us to be!  My desire is to love Jesus, love your mother and love you…and THEN work in the church.  You will never be impressed with how large the ministry gets…but you will always remember whether or not I was there to tuck you in at night!

I love you Charisse…I always will.  You are an amazing little girl who I pray will grow up to radically love Jesus and love others!!!

Happy Birthday!