A Special Prayer Request…

Feb 13, 2012

Howdy NewSpring Church, I’m still “Overwhelmed” (in a GREAT way) in regards to what we saw the Lord do in our church yesterday…and I’m believing that this coming Sunday (February 19) is going to be one that we never forget as I specifically share (in detail) about my three year battle with depression, what the Lord taught me during that time and how I came out of it.

The reason I am writing is to ask you to please keep me in your prayers this week as I pray through and prepare the specifics on the message…the desire of my heart is to hear Jesus clearly and speak His word with boldness and clarity in a way that offers hope…and even rebuke if necessary.

I covet your prayers because, well…just being honest…that three year period in my life was hell on earth.

It was dark!

It was lonely (primarily because I pretended that everything was ok in my life!)

AND…revisiting that time period and what I went through is not one of the easiest things I’ve ever done; in fact, it’s quite emotional.  I know that Jesus has given me victory, I know that what happened to me does not define me…however, it does not erase the hurt that comes along with what I experienced…and, like I said, because of that I am asking for your prayers.  It is my goal in this message to be as raw and honest as I’ve ever been…and saying that…

I’m also asking you to pray that I will be as honest as I’ve ever been.  I say this because in sharing some of the things I am going to share I know that critics of me and our church will jump all over some of my statements like an animal jumping on raw meat, take them out of context, twist my words and then try their best to use a two minute sound clip to define my nearly two decades of ministry.  Pray that I will be consumed and controlled with “HIM, not them!”  That I will preach with compassion for people and because of that I could really care less what others may say!

My biggest desires in this message are that people would meet Jesus, that people would find hope and that people would find the courage to ask for help and listen to Jesus tell them the adjustments that need to be made in their lives.

Sunday is going to help a lot of people…and I am honestly more excited about bringing this message than any other message I’ve ever preached in the history of NewSpring Church…God is a God who can use our pain for His progress…and in that I rejoice!  I am the healthiest (emotionally and spiritually) than I’ve been in over a decade, the freedom that I am living in right now is absolutely amazing…and this Sunday we are going to see hundreds, maybe even thousands, step into that same freedom that Jesus offers all of those would would surrender their lives to Him.

Thank you so much for allowing me the honor to serve as your pastor…the best is yet to come!