A Quick Update On The "Overcoming Anxiety" Book

Feb 20, 2019

First of all - a HUGE “thank you” for those who purchased the book and have been so kind in regards to sharing your feedback with me.  As I said earlier - I had NO IDEA the book would do this well.  

Another order for 500 books has been placed  -and we should have them in hand ready to ship out by Monday, March 11.  

What’s a bit crazy is that 50 of those books (the new order) have already been purchased  - and more and more are being sold everyday.  

So - if you want to make sure you get a copy - go to the website and pre-order one now and we will get one in your hands as soon as we get them (and every copy will be signed by me—that’s a promise.)  

OR - you can purchase the eBook for immediate download!  

Who is the book for?  Simple - for anyone who has ever wrestled with anxiety and wants to take their first step on a path towards healing, actually having a peaceful mind rather than one that is always seemingly at war with your joy.  

Like I said - we will get them out ASAP - thanks for both your purchase and your patience!