Jul 30, 2011  |  Random

A Quick Statement About My Dad

First of all…a HUGE thank you for all of the phone calls, text messages, tweets and comments on our churches facebook page…the outpouring of love and concern has been quite overwhelming.

For those who may not know…my dad (Melvin E. Noble) passed away yesterday…I received the call informing me about his passing at 9:53 am.

It was a HUGE mixture of relief and deep sadness.  A relief because I watched him battle Alzheimers for years…and he had digressed quite rapidly since breaking his hip last month.  However, it was deeply saddening as now both my mother and father are now gone…and although I know all of the theological answers it’s still pretty emotional.

The thing that brings me the most comfort is that I know he is healed, in the presence of Jesus and reunited with my mother.

As far as what me and my family need…we have been very well taken care of.  We have had so many people from our amazing church that have surrounded us and are taking very good care of us.  Honestly, the thing we really need right now is your continued prayers…that is one of the biggest sources of comfort, knowing that our church family is rallied around us in that way.

I’m looking forward to being at church tomorrow…there is no way that I would miss it…when things like this happen we can run too the Lord or away from Him…and I need Him now more than ever before.

“God is still God and God is still good…to God be the glory!”

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