Sep 11, 2012

A Letter From Pastor P To NewSpring Church…

Howdy NewSpring Church, EIGHT things I want to share with you today…

#1 - This past Sunday was AWESOME as we had the privilege to hear from Gary Snowzell from Freedom Church.  He did an amazing job of both encouraging and challenging our church and I can’t quit thinking about the fact that most people never achieve their full potential in Christ because they would rather play it safe than take a risk.

#2 - Gary’s message in 10 tweets can be found right here on our NewSpring Blog!  (AND…if you have not checked out the NewSpring Blog yet I would highly recommend it!!!  It is an amazing site full of daily devotionals, stories and sermons that will enable you to take your next step in your walk with Christ!)

#3 - THIS COMING SUNDAY we begin a brand new series entitled “Unleash!”  I can promise you this, I am more excited about this series than ANYTHING we’ve ever done because I really do feel that if we can grasp what is going to be taught over the next several weeks that our walk with Christ will go to levels unlike anything we’ve ever experienced!!!

#4 - This coming Sunday we will begin the Unleash series by teaching through what I believe is, hands down, the most awkward story in the entire Bible!!!

#5 - My book is going to be officially released next week!!!  To say that I am excited would be a HUGE understatement!!!  A huge “thank you” to everyone who has already pre-ordered a book…your generosity in this pre-order campaign is enabling us to get this book into the hands of THOUSANDS of church leaders.  (If you want to pre order the book or know more about it you can visit this website.)

#6 - BAPTISM THIS SUNDAY!!!  If you have prayed to receive Christ and have not been baptized since making that decision then this is your next step!  (Acts 22:16)  You can go here to sign up and/or find out more information about it!

#7 - EVANGELISM GROUPS ARE GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!  Have you ever REALLY wanted to talk to someone about Jesus but just feel like you are inadequate to do so…or you just don’t know how?  We’re asking everyone in our church to dive into a home group setting for six weeks that will both equip you to share your faith AND remind you that we really can’t do life alone.  I can PROMISE YOU that IF you do this you WILL grow in your walk with Christ!!!  (Go here for more info!) 

#8 - THIS COMING SUNDAY is a GREAT SUNDAY to BRING SOMEONE with you to church, especially if you know someone who simply does not believe that there is ANY WAY God could ever love them!!!  I promise it will be “one of those services” that we never forget!

That’s it for today…I LOVE MY CHURCH!

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