Pastor P

Sunday Night Reflections

Sep 20, 2009

I don’t ever really get tired of saying this…it was another amazing day at NewSpring Church…here are a few thoughts…

  • Columbia campus launches NEXT WEEK…YES!!!  CAN’T WAIT!!!
  • We had more people log onto our web service today than EVER before…including Easter of this past year!!!
  • AND…we set another attendance record…
  • I guess when you announce you are talking about sex it creates quite an interest!
  • BTW…when we planted NewSpring Church our desire was (and still is) to IMPACT the world with the GOSPEL…and when more and more people show up to hear it…I WILL CELEBRATE!
  • Today’s message on sexual morality, and even more specifically couples that dive into having affairs…was TENSE!!!
  • This message has been developing in me since June…it was hard to preach because I thought about all of the lives I’ve seen ruined by affairs in the past six months!
  • The world has a REALLY messed up view of sex and marriage!!!
  • I believe one of the reasons the world takes it cues about sex and marriage from Hollywood instead of the church is many pastors simply don’t have a set and refuse to stand in front of their church and teach the truth…because in doing so they are afraid of offending someone!
  • Sex and marriage are GOD’S IDEA…not mans!  It’s not like He caught Adam and Eve “doing it” behind a tree…HE CAME UP WITH THE ENTIRE IDEA!  (THANK YOU JESUS!)  And so…that would make HIM and HIS WORD the AUTHORITY on the subject!!!
  • The church doesn’t need another history lesson…people need to be shown that following Jesus impacts EVERY area of our lives!
  • I’ve never began a sermon talking about hemorrhoids…the looks on people’s faces were priceless.
  • And the “hot dogs” illustration will never be forgotten I’m sure!
  • You can deny a problem…and even pray about a problem…but reality is until people are willing to confess the problem and ask for help…the problem is going to continue to be a problem! (See James 5:16)
  • Marriage is WORK…it takes us going to WORK everyday…we don’t get time off, we can’t take a vacation!!!
  • Contrary to popular belief…God isn’t obsessed with our happiness…He’s obsessed with HIS holiness, and when our happiness is based in our sinfulness and collides with his holiness…we lose!
  • Galatians 6:7 is SO clear…God will NOT be mocked…for those who may be having an affair…I promise you sooner or later all hell is going to break loose in your life…
  • AND…contrary to popular belief…this is NOT JUST YOUR LIFE, you are NOT the only one that will be IMPACTED…your children WILL suffer because of your sinfulness!  (You need to listen to the sermon th fully understand this.)
  • I’ve seen the wake of destruction that has been left because of men who could not keep it in their pants…or women who just had to feel special, and so they traded the future love and respect of their kids for an orgasm and/or feeling “special” to someone!
  • God’s not looking for us to say “I’m sorry” and then keep repeating the same sin over and over…He’s looking for us to be broken, repent and cry out, “I don’t want to live this way anymore!!!”
  • David confessed, repented and changed…see Psalm 51!
  • For singles…if you are a dude who is addicted to porn…it will DESTROY your marriage…you’ve GOT to do whatever it takes to get it OUT of your life!
  • If you want a marriage that works…then spend time PLANNING the marriage and not just the ceremony!!!
  • Today’s message was preached in the hopes that if Jesus can save just one marriage through this teaching…then it was worth it!
  • I am REALLY looking forward to our series on the end times that we will begin next week.
  • It was awesome to have Drew and Daniel, two high schoolers in my discipleship group, hang with me all day today…love those guys!  (AND…it was awesome to have Molly and Sydney last week as well!)

Hey NewSpring…pray for our Columbia launch this coming Sunday…love you…can’t wait to see what happens next!!!