A Letter From Pastor P To NewSpring Church

May 17, 2011

Howdy NewSpring Church, seven things I wanted to share today…

#1 - Sunday was AMAZING!  It was so awesome to have Pastor Robert Morris from Gateway Church with us…and the Lord used him to bring an INCREDIBLE message on generosity!  AND…after every service people responded to the message by giving their lives to Christ b/c they finally understood that Jesus was the most generous giver of all time…He gave it ALL!!!  Seeing people surrender to Christ NEVER GETS OLD!

#2 - I am absolutely convinced that if the body of Christ would commit to getting out of debt then we could advance the Gospel in ways the world has never seen!  Proverbs 22:7 is true…and God didn’t call His children to dive back into slavery!!!  And…our church provides FREE financial coaching…and believe me, it helps!  Here is the link if you are interested.

#3 - Jesus was generous, His followers should be as well…because remember, you cannot out give God and that God wants us to be a river, not a reservoir.

#4 - The Gauntlet is officially FULL!  Over 1,200 students are registered and there are close to 200 on a waiting list. The only thing holding us back from taking those students (and possibly more) isn’t room availability at the hotel…it is the fact that we don’t have enough volunteers to go along and help out.  We strive to maintain a pretty low leader to student ratio in order to to the best job we can with the kids safety…and basically we need more adults to step up and help us out.

#5 - I’m not going for the guilt trip here…but what I will say is that if you would be willing to pay $100 (what all volunteer workers pay), go through an interview and background check, be an owner and be willing to go through some training sessions then The Gauntlet Week COULD be the week that God begins to do a work in your life that impacts you in ways you never thought possible.  You have just got to be willing to step into the “zone of the unknown” and go for it!  Please fill out this form if you are interested.

#6 - We’ve got two more weeks in this “More” series…and I can promise you that you are NOT going to want to miss either.  TRUST ME!!!

#7 - Please keep me in your prayers this week as I am in Israel all week long.  As I’ve said earlier on this site…we’re over here laying the ground stages for the church trip that we will be taking over here next year.  I’m SO excited to be able to go and see the things I’ve been reading about in God’s Word for so long!!!