A Church Growth Rant!!!

Aug 19, 2008

Since this is my blog…I’ve GOT to get something off my chest. (Please allow me this—I can’t afford therapy…this IS my outlet, Hi, my name is Perry…)

There is something that I’ve been hearing recently that is being used to attack growing churches and justify holy huddles…and they are…

“The house church is the wave of the future. After all, just look what it is doing in China. In fact, they don’t even meet in churches in China…it’s all done in the house church.”

Uh…the point here would be both strong and convincing…IF I was a complete idiot & didn’t know that THE reason the house church is experiencing growth and success in China is because it is ILLEGAL to ASSEMBLE as a church unless you have the governments approval! DUH!!!!!!!!

Folks, let me make you a promise…if communism collapses in China in our lifetime…the largest churches in the WORLD will all be located there. I seriously believe that if the Chinese were allowed to meet in public and worship Christ that we would see a church growth movement like the world has NEVER SEEN—EVER! We would see what Jesus said in John 14:12 come true!!!

Bet, before I close, let me share one more reason why this mindset bothers me.

People in China are being imprisoned, tortured and even killed because they are attempting to assemble together for worship and teaching. They have to sneak around and meet in unthinkable places. They don’t do this out of preference…but out of necessity. They are NOT a bunch of burned out bloggers and narcissists who are trying to make the world all about them!

However, self serving, self centered Americans take their “model” and blow it completely out of context. We live in a country that allows us the freedom to assemble together…but because MANY (not all) in the so called “house church” movement are nothing more that arrogant, judgmental, spoiled church kids who want nothing more than a holy huddle where wounds can be licked, “deep” teaching can be learned and the Great Commission of Jesus Christ Himself can be completely ignored!!!

To compare our situation here in America to the one in China is one of the most ignorant comparisons a person could make. And if you are doing that…please beg God to forgive you of your stupidity and remember that Jesus called us to reach the world…not to merely assemble and discuss theological fads!

WOW—that felt great! I think I’m all better now!!!