16 Questions That Will Help Us Make It In Ministry - Part Six

May 28, 2009

6. Am I Preaching What Jesus Wants Me To Preach?

In Matthew 10:7 He clearly told the disciples what to preach.

Let me make a confession as a preacher there has been many Sunday nights driving home from NewSpring that I begin to actually freak out about the next Sunday and worry about whether or not the message will come together.

There have been many Saturday nights before the next Sunday that I’m wigging out and I’m telling my wife, “honey the message just isn’t there.”  She confronted me very lovingly but very directly one night and asked me, “Perry when was the last time that Jesus did not give you a message?”

Pastors I believe that we are worry about what we are going to preach way too much and don’t concern ourselves with who we’re preaching for and who we’re preaching to.

If we are walking with Jesus and we have the gift of preaching, He is always going to put a word in our heart to bring to the people He has called us to lead.  Our job is to preach exactly what He has poured into us and not what we perceive will make the people in the pews or the chairs happy. We are preachers and prophets not prostitutes.  We don’t get paid for a service that makes people feel good.  We are called to honor God by preaching His word even when it is hard.

So…what is it He has called you to preach?  If you KNEW you had one last message to preach…what would it be?  If you knew you were only going to get to stand before your church one more time and preach…what would you say?

HIS Word IS living and active…and He will ALWAYS put a Word in us if we are seeking HIS Word on a daily basis!  These guys preached out of the overflow…remember…they weren’t the religious elite…they had simply spent a lot of time with Jesus and then went out and said everything they had heard Him say.

We’re called to do the same!