13 Reasons To Show Up At NewSpring On Easter…

Mar 19, 2008

I shot an e-mail out to our staff asking them to help me develop a “Top Ten” list for reasons to come to NewSpring this weekend…and they actually came up with so many good ones that I’ve decided to list 13 of them. Here we go…

#13 - Because I received an e-mail from some NewSpring members who moved to California about a year ago…but they are flying in this weekend to attend our services. If they can come from Cali—you can come from WHEREVER. (This one was mine.)

#12 - You don’t have to pretend to be perfect to attend.

#11 - To finally form your own opinion of what happens at NewSpring instead of adopting those of others who have never darkened the doors.

#10 - Because you’ve been watching on-line all year and it’s time to come check it out in person.

#9 - You don’t have to get a 2nd mortgage on your house to buy Easter dresses or flower hats for your children.

#8 - If you sit on the front row you could see up Lee McDerment’s nostril. (I am not sure if that is true—but if it is—that’s gross!)

#7 - It gives you a short break from the family



#6 - Rumor has it that we might see our first NewSpring choir. (I’ve heard the same rumor…it looks like it just might happen!)

#5 - There will be a life size chocolate Perry statue! (This is not true—but it made me laugh!)

#4 - The band will be playing the death metal version of the classic hit, “Here Comes Peter Cottontail!”

#3 - Lee just might wear capri pants!

#2 - Rumor has it that Perry may start the “Sex, Money & Power” series in fishnet. (I can pretty much STOMP this rumor right now—that won’t be happening!)

#1 - BY FAR—nearly EVERY staff member made a comment about seeing their three people receive Christ and also talked about Jesus changing lives. It is INCREDIBLE to work with a staff that “gets it” and will do whatever it takes to reach people for Jesus!