10 Things Your Husband Wants To Tell You

May 16, 2012

Women, you may think that your man is confident, strong, and sure of himself.  But you’d be surprised what he would tell you if he felt like he could be completely honest.  So I want to tell you on his behalf.  Here are 10 things that your man may have thought at some point, or may be feeling right now.

  1. I am really insecure about lots of things, but especially about how I am doing as your husband.
  2. I worry that you are not happy with me and that one day you will leave me.
  3. I’m scared that our kids may not turn out the way we hoped they would.
  4. I never feel like I have enough time for you, our family, and work.  I feel like everyone wants something from me.
  5. The reason I work so hard is to provide you and our family a life of security, joy, and safety, and to make you happy.
  6. I often feel like you are not attracted to me.
  7. I feel inadequate to be everything you ever wanted from a husband.
  8. I’m afraid to tell you that I feel depressed, anxious, and sad, and that I compare myself to other husbands and fathers.
  9. Your approval and affection is the one real thing in this life that gives me confidence in myself.
  10. If you believe in me, I am unstoppable.

(This post was written by Clayton King - you can find more stuff written by Clayton on his blog, here is the link!)