10 Reasons You’ve GOT To Come To The 90’s Series At NewSpring

Feb 26, 2015

#1 - If your first crush was on Kelly Kapowski, Slater, JTT or the girls on Baywatch!  

#2 - If the song "Who Let The Dogs Out" has ever been stuck in your head.  

#3 - If you can remember transitioning from cassette tapes to CD's.  

#4 - If you used AOL instant messenger.   

#5 - If you know how to do The Macarena or The Boot Skoot Boogie!  

#6 - If you ever wore carpenter jeans, mock turtleneck sweaters or overalls with one strap down!  

#7 - If you had a pager!  

#8 - If you can still rap every word to "Ice Ice Baby!"  

#9 - If you saw Titanic, Jurassic Park & Forest Gump IN the theatres!  

#10 - If you really do want to make progress in your walk with Jesus!