Seven Things Senior Pastors Want Their Staff To Know—Part Four

Oct 24, 2008

Here’s the final post…

#6 - Never Say, “That’s Not My Job!”  

One of the most disturbing trends that is in the church world today is the one where staff members believe that their position trumps the purpose of the church.  They actually believe the church exist so that they can havea job and use their “talents,” and anything outside of the boundaries of their gifting is simply “beneath” them.

Let me be clear…that is NOT the case here at NewSpring Church, which is one of the reasons I LOVE OUR STAFF!

We understand that our church exists to lift up the name of Jesus and reach the world for Him…and everyone of us are willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Do I want each staff member operating in their areas of strength and gifting?  Heck yes!  However, there are times that we must all come together and do whatever it takes to get things done…whether that means setting up chairs, stuffing envelopes or making phone calls.

When you are on a church staff—everything is your job.

#7 - Protect Me

Do you have your pastors back?

You’ve got to watch this because the enemy is so suddle in the way he will try to destroy this relationship.

Let’s say the pastor does something that you do not necessarily agree with…or there is a misunderstanding between you and him…and you just can’t quit thinking about it…

What will usually happen in a situation like this is that the enemy will make sure some bitter church member approaches you and says something along the lines of, “Hey man, I really do love you and think you are doing an awesome job…but what is with the pastor, he’s been really ticking me off lately…”

Right there a decision MUST be made.  Are you going to fall into the trap and verbally bash the pastor…or are you going to go to him and seek to work out the disagreement?

The enemy does NOT want staff harmony…and especially loves to create distrust and skpeticism when it comes to the relationship between the staff and the pastor.  BOTH parties MUST be aware of this…and take their thoughs captive in this fight.

“But Perry,” you ask, “what if he is sinning?  What if he is wrong?”  My advice…pray that God will kick his butt!!!  Seriously, God is not mocked…and if the pastor is doing something ungoldy or unbiblical then pray for God to absolutely WHIP HIS REAR END.

AND…if you absolutely cannot support the vision and have tried your best to biblically express your frustrations with the leadership of the church then simply resign with grace.

Next week I will blog about what every staff member wished their senior pastor knew…