Three Ways To Handle Hate On Social Media

Aug 28, 2019



Episode Description

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me..."

Yeah, right.

Hate on social media is real and it is becoming an epidemic that not only effects people emotionally, but also physically and mentally.

So let's talk about it: let's dive into How to Handle Hate on Social Media.

Social media is an incredible tool/resource when it comes to communication, branding and keeping up with friends and family members all over the world.

However, it’s also become a source of frustration, anxiety and even depression for so many people; especially those with a leadership position.

There are not many areas where I would consider myself an expert; however, in the area of dealing with "haters" I feel like I’ve earned a doctorate degree.

How to Handle Internet Hate


I’ve had the “privilege” to meet a few “internet trolls” in my lifetime and after doing so, I really did feel sorry for them.

You could tell they were miserable and not the person they projected themselves to be on the internet.

The first step to handling online hate is to understand that the person writing these nasty comments to you is broken and in need of the Divine compassion Jesus equips you with, daily.


People either add energy to your life or take energy from it. No exceptions.

When people are a negative source of energy, I simply block them, courtesy of Bob Goff's permission.

Comments and feedback should be used for information, not motivation because, if we live by the comments, we will die by them as well.


Only engage if there is something that is a flat out lie and engage the comment, not the person.

Recently, someone online wrote that I did not complete treatment in 2016.

I’ve been called all sorts of things but that was an instance where I had to say something because it was untrue.

It was something I busted my ass to do and I was freaking proud of the fact I had done the hard work.

After I directly addressed the comment, they actually took the comment down.