Perry Answers Your Singleness, Sex And Dating Questions - Part 2

May 6, 2015



Episode Description

In this podcast Perry answers REAL questions that you've submitted to about singleness, sex and dating! Perry answered the following questions in this podcast:

  • "Why on the earth (usually) guys are so extremely scared of relationships and commitment?" - Heidi
  • "Is it okay to live with my significant other before marriage?" - Jamal
  • "At what point in the relationship do I tell my significant other about my sexual past? What if he chooses to break up with me because of that?" - Shannon
  • "I feel called to be a pastor. What about marrying a divorced mother with children?" - David
  • "How can I be content as a single person when I feel like a lot of my guy friends are getting a girlfriend or are getting engaged?" - John
  • "When you've been a victim of an abusive relationship more than once (ending in divorce or breaking off an engagement) how do you know when it's time to start dating again? And if you start, how do you know the one God has designed for you?" - Ashley
  • "What advice do you have for spouses who are unhappy and feel hopeless in finding happiness in their current marriage...especially when the spouse admits they are non-Christian and has opposing views? Your sermons suggest women/men dropping these relationships, but what about the married people. Especially if they feel they made a mistake by getting married." - Lynne
  • "What does guarding your heart and mind truly mean? I'm not the kind of girl who tries to test the limits with a guy because I know what God's best for me is. However, I've never truly understood what guarding my heart and mind means. If I love the guy, then I know one day I will get to be with him intimately and that's freaking great! Does guarding my heart/mind mean not thinking about that?" - Samantha
  • "How do you find the perfect guy if you already have a child? How can you expect a man to step up and be a father figure if your child's father will not even be a father?" - Haley

Episode Resources

Perry is writing a book on being single, relationships and dating scheduled to release later in 2016 and he would LOVE to know what questions you have as a single person, or wish you would've asked before you got married. Just send in your question at and he may answer it in his book!