Perry Answers YOUR Questions About Singleness, Sex and Dating - Part 8

Oct 25, 2015



Episode Description

In this podcast Perry answers REAL questions that you've submitted to about singleness, sex and dating! In this month's episode, Perry answers the following questions:

  • "How do you respond to someone who has a commitment phobia?" - Elissa
  • "Hey Pastor P! As a 21 year old single female in the South, 90% of my friends are married, engaged, or in serious relationships. I just got out of a long term relationship myself. Sometimes I become bored with singleness and end up in situations I know I shouldn't be in...what advice can you give me to stay focused on God when I'm weak or bored? How can I stay positive when I'm the only single one out of all my friends?" - Shannon
  • "Can starting a relationship in a long distance situation work? And what steps can I take to make our relationship stronger when we are apart? For example, we worked together in the summers but the rest of the year visits are a few weeks apart." - Stephen
  • "I'm 35 years old and work in full-time ministry at my church. I love my job, have great friendships and family relationships, and have my life in order. But, I don't know any single men in their 30's, I never get asked out on dates (literally!), and I've always wanted to be a wife and mom. Even though every other area of my life is awesome, should I move to a bigger city to meet more available single Christian men?" - Lindsay
  • "What are some practical tips for single men who want to stop masturbating? The fight against lust is one thing, but what about the fight against our own body and physical urges when those feelings won't go away?" - Jeremy
  • "I've been married before. I know my mistake was not choosing a partner that would be a spiritual leader for me. But now I can't seem to find men who have that potential. Is that something you help someone build during dating or something that should already be there when you begin dating?" - Mandy
  • "I, like many people, have had trouble finding someone to fall in love with. I have had many dates and my problem seems to be that when I get to know them I'm picky. It can be about something so minor that it just draws a red flag in my mind. Do you have any tips for me to try to help me not be so picky?" - Stephen
  • "Pastor P, How do I ask God to take away feelings for someone who I know I shouldn't have feelings for? I have prayed for over a year for God to take this person off of my heart but he hasn't. It's almost starting to consume me to the point where I'm afraid I won't be able to get excited about my future spouse because I'm so focused on one guy? Please help!" - Christina

Episode Resources

Perry is writing a book on being single, relationships and dating scheduled to release later in 2016 and he would LOVE to know what questions you have as a single person, or wish you would've asked before you got married. Just send in your question at and he may answer it in his book!