Perry Answers Your Questions About Singleness, Sex and Dating - Part 11

Feb 13, 2016



Episode Description

In this podcast Perry answers REAL questions that you've submitted to about singleness, sex and dating! In this month's episode, Perry answers the following questions:

1) Ken in Virginia: I met this girl who I felt that I have great chemistry with but is not a Christian. Is continuing a relationship with her as friends in hope that she becomes a Christian okay? It almost feels selfish.

2) Michael from California writes: I have been dating a great girl for a while now. I have always heard the saying "You just know" when talking about the time to pop the question. Is this true, how will I really know when I am ready or the time is right?

3) Becca from North Carolina asks: What do you do if you are dating someone and you're not sure you should be dating? I'm just not sure how physically attracted I am to him. Does the physical really matter? Will my attraction for his character and love for Jesus transfer over to the physical?

4) Stacey from California asks: What is the difference between being led in a relationship and being controlled? My parents always brought me up to be independent and my partner's parents brought him up to lead which is causing some friction. A close family friend was abused in her marriage, I am always on the lookout for warning signs but I don't know if I'm just being overly sensitive.

5) Denise from SC writes: I can't get over having an abortion when I was 21 and it bothers me to the point I can't have a relationship with anyone.

6) Elizabeth from South Carolina writes: I was in a 3 yr. relationship with my ex and we had a baby. Things didn't work out between us and I sometimes feel betrayed by him for not trying hard enough. Now I feel like I have trust/commitment issues that won't let me move on. How can I help myself let go of anger or resentment and not have it affect healthy relationships in my life?

7) Kate from KS writes: Why does it feel as though God is holding out or being passive when it comes to my heart and desires? I have encouraged and cheered on friend after friend, wedding after wedding and now baby after baby, around me. It’s like God didn't plan someone for me... I know He does things in his own time but I'm discouraged because of what feels like God's passivity...


Q: There’s a guy, he thinks you’re attractive what should he do?

Q: What if you are the girl and you get asked and you aren’t feeling it?

Q: You have the first date with the guy, you’re uncertain about how you feel about them, should you go on another?

Q: What if it’s a second date, and he tries to hold your hand and you aren’t feeling it

Q: How soon is too soon when bringing up the DTR?

Episode Resources

Perry is writing a book on being single, relationships and dating scheduled to release later in 2016 and he would LOVE to know what questions you have as a single person, or wish you would've asked before you got married. Just send in your question at and he may answer it in his book!