Perry Answers YOUR Questions About Singleness, Sex and Dating - Part 10

Dec 27, 2015



Episode Description

In this podcast Perry answers REAL questions that you've submitted to about singleness, sex and dating! In this month's episode, Perry answers the following questions:

1) "I frequently get asked'"when are you gonna start dating?' and even at times get made fun of by some family members for being single. I'm in a point in my life where I know God has called me to serve my church community and be single but at times find myself really upset and frustrated cause of the hassle that being single has brought me. How do I deal with my family when they ask me 'when are you going to start dating someone?'" - Stephen from California

2) "How do you know when it is the right time, to ask the woman that you like to take the relationship to the next level?" - Dorsey from New York

3) "What do you think about large age differences in dating/marriage? I seem to get along best with women much younger than I am. Thanks" - Robert from South Carolina 

4) "Recently I was pursued by a great godly guy. After a few months of dating he said that he just wasn't ready to commit, maybe we were better as friends, and he just didn't have that emotional spark with me that he has had in previous relationships. I believe that 'spark' is sometimes lust or shallow you agree? Do you feel butterflies are necessary?" - Anonymous

5) "If you're dating someone who truly loves The Lord and you end up committing sexual sin and then you both repent because of it, should you stay with this person or consider calling it quits?" - Jordan from South Carolina

6) "Is it ok to date a man who is separated from their spouse (for over a year) and in the divorce process? A process that due to attorney complications, may take a long time to finalize...?" - Carol from South Carolina

7) "Any time I pursue a girl I get anxiety that it won’t end well because I have been on the wrong end of a break up and have an anxiety disorder. I have trouble avoiding thinking the worst and I put relationships on pedestals. I’m less stressed and a better person when I’m not pursuing a relationship. How do you trust God when pursuing a women even when anxiety kicks in?" - Michael from Illinois

Episode Resources

Perry is writing a book on being single, relationships and dating scheduled to release later in 2016 and he would LOVE to know what questions you have as a single person, or wish you would've asked before you got married. Just send in your question at and he may answer it in his book!