You Don’t Have To Hate Your Life!

Apr 15, 2010

Jesus Christ did not die on a cross, reconcile us to God, give us His Word and fill us with His Spirit so that we could live mediocre lives!

He is ALIVE…and those who follow Him should be as well!

Our dreams should be bigger!

Our passion should run deeper!

Our potential is greater!

We are called!

We are gifted!

We are comissioned!


We should BEG Him for HIS direction…and understand that He wants to direct out steps WAY more than most of us want Him to!

We are not called to try to sell Him on our agenda but rather completely sell out to His!

You don’t have to hate your life…His call us for us to live a full and complete one (John 10:10!)

So…let’s stop existing and start living…

The world does not need “more informed Christians” but rather more ignited, passionate, sincere followers of Jesus!

And when we LIVE in HIM…and the WORLD sees HIM…THAT is when He can use us to make the biggest difference!