Wrestling With Weight Issues—Part Two

Aug 5, 2008

Yesterday I shared my story…today let me walk you through six steps I believe we all can take to honoring God with the bodies He’s given us to steward. If you want to lose weight…

#1 - Understand That Stewardship Of Your Body Is A Spiritual Issue

I know I sound like a broken record here…but there is a reason a lot of pastors just aren’t talking about this…and it’s because they look like they are about to give birth to a toddler!

You and I will never begin to wrap our minds and hearts around this issue until we fully understand that how much we weigh is a spiritual issue. God wants us to be healthy, to not abuse our bodies by abusing anything…including food.

#2 - Understand The Importance Of Time.

If you want to lose weight you’ve got to understand that it’s NOT going to all come off overnight. It didn’t get there that way…and it’s not leaving that way.

Fad diets don’t work! I honestly don’t know anyone who lost weight on the whole protein kick a few years ago and managed to keep it off.

If you want to lose weight then you’ve GOT to commit to walk through it and be patient. It takes a special mindset! Day by day, pound by pound…but, when you get there it is so worth it!

#3 - Take Responsibility & Stop Blaming Everyone and/or Everything

One of the marks of an adult is that they will actually take ownership of where they are in life without trying to blame everyone else. Other people can impact our decision to eat…but they don’t stuff the bag of Dorito’s down our throats!

I remember having a conversation with a guy once who asked me, “What is the first step in losing weight” and I told him, “You’ve got to get pissed, REALLY pissed!”

He looked at me, sort of stunned…so I continued.

“You’ve got to get pissed at yourself. You literally have to look in the mirror and say, ‘You did this…but I’m coming after you…and this is going to be the end.’”

You will NEVER take responsibility for losing weight if it is always someone else’s fault!

#4 - Consult A Doctor and Establish A Plan

Some reading this blog need to seriously set up a doctors appointment today and consult them before beginning any type of physical activity. Seriously,


Some may need to join a gym and hire a personal trainer! (Admit it—you don’t know what in the heck you are doing in there!)

Some may need to actually sit down and hire a nutritionist to walk you through establishing some sort of eating plan. I know a lady who is incredible and is definitely worth the $$$! In fact…

If you need a trainer, a doctor OR a nutritionist then PLEASE email me…I will be glad to recommend someone for you.

I once heard a guy tell me, “Fail to plan, plan to fail!” That is SO true. You are NEVER going to overcome this without some sort of plan. And let’s face it…if you knew what to do then you’d have already done it…you need instruction AND accountability! Speaking of…

#5 - Invite Accountability

Ask other people to hold you accountable as far as losing weight/eating right. The more people you have praying for you AND encouraging you (AND REBUKING YOU) the better!

#6 - DO IT!

TODAY! RIGHT NOW! DON’T PUT THIS OFF! Seriously, let me tell you the exact thing that some of you are thinking.

“Well, it’s Tuesday, you don’t start anything new on Tuesday…so, I will wait until next Monday and start!”

NO YOU WON’T! That is the mindset of a lazy person! Break off a call to a gym now! Call your doctor now! Email me about the nutritionist now! You are NOT going to overcome this by being passive or procrastinating!

Let me say this to anyone who is struggling here! I believe in you! You CAN do this! Philippians 4:13 promises us we can do everything through Christ! I have fought this fight…I still do! And I know that Christ is faithful & will honor our attempt to try to live healthier lives.

One more thing…please, please, please don’t do something crazy like say you are going to go on a crash diet and try to exercise two hours a day (or even twice a day!!!) It takes TIME! Give it TIME! And…as you walk through this please keep me informed of your story through email…I would love to hear how it is going!