Oct 18, 2017

Will Your Preaching Workshop Benefit Those Who Are Not In Ministry?

One of the key qualities a person needs to thrive in business and ministry is the ability to communicate both clearly and effectively.  
Which leads me to the question we’ve received here at the Growth Company on quite a few occasions over the past several weeks…

“Hey, I am not a pastor, or even in ministry - so…will this preaching workshop help me to be a better communicator?”  

The short answer is - ABSOLUTELY!  

In this workshop we are going to go over…

  • The Seven Rules Every Communicator Needs To Know.  
  • Five Key Mistakes Every Communicator Can Make (if not paying attention) 
  • How Planning & Promotion Go Hand In Hand

As well as a host of other things.  

One of the things I’ve always encouraged ministry leaders to do is learn as much as they can from the business world - however, in this case I would encourage as many business leaders as possible to learn what they can from ministry world.  

At the end of the day I’ve given over 1,500 presentations (conservative number) and have made SO MANY MISTAKES…and I really do believe I can come alongside you and prevent you from dropping the proverbial bomb the next time you have to give a keynote.  

So - go here and get signed up ASAP - the early bird rate of $199 ends on November 1 (when it increases to $249).  I can promise it will be well worth the time and money you invest - AND - you get to spend time in Anderson, SC - something I know has always been on your bucket list!   

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