Why Some Churches Struggle With Money

Aug 25, 2010

Some churches are struggling in regards to finances…yet many are not, even in the recession that our country has recently went through.  So…why do some churches seem to struggle while others do not.  Four reasons…

#1 - The Church Has No Vision

People will not consistently give to a visionless organization.  However, when a church begin to seek God, BEG for HIS direction and commit to go and do whatever He says…and when steps of faith are taken…and when lives begin to be impacted because of that…and those changed lives are celebrated on a consistant basis then giving becomes a joy for the church instead of an obligation because they can see that their investment is making a difference.

#2 - The Pastor Refuses To Teach On It

It’s amazing the number of church leaders who fear teaching on money…they say, “people will get mad and leave.”  I always answer, “of course they will!  BUT…the only people who get angry when you teach on adultery are the ones who are actually committing adultery.  SO…think about it, the people who get mad when you teach on money are the ones who have money as their god!”

Sixteen out of the thirty eight parables Jesus taught had to do with money, around 15% of His total teaching had to do with the subject of money and He taught that money is the number one spiritual indicator of where a persons heart is.

Yet money is the only subject that we address in the church that many pastors feel like they need to apologize for.  Jesus didn’t apologize for it; in fact, He said some pretty BOLD things about it.  (See Matthew 6:19-24 AND Matthew 19:24)  If Jesus taught on the subject with authority then so should the church.

#3 - Pastors DO Teach On It…But With The Wrong Motives.

I am not going to argue that money is arguably the most abused subject when it comes to false teaching.  It is a fine line because when we do teach on money many people are automatically going to think you (pastor) are after their wallets.

I once heard Andy Stanley say this to his church…and I totally ripped it off and say it all of the time, “We don’t want anything FROM you…we want something FOR you!”


I’ve literally told our church whenever I teach on the subject of tithing that if they think NewSpring Church is after their money then I want them to go home, open up to the yellow pages, pick a ramdon church and send them the tithe for the next three months and see what happens!  Whenever I say that people look at me like I am smoking crack…but I am SERIOUS!

Which leads to number 4…

#4 - Many People In The Church WANT To Give But Feel Like They Can’t Because Of Poor Financial Decisions.

In other words—PEOPLE ARE BROKE!

That is why we can’t just teach “giving” to solve all of a persons needs…there is also the command of biblical stewardship.  That is one of the reasons why, at least two times a year, we offer classes at NewSpring Church (by Joe Sangl...the best there is out there on this subject) in regards to how to get out of credit card debt, how to live on a budget, how to set aside cash for a rainy day…and tons more.

AND…the church does not charge for the class…we let people come for free…because, once again, we don’t want anything from them, we want FOR them to discover the financial freedom that God wants them to live in.