Jun 30, 2006

Why A Benefit Concert?

Tonight the NewSpring band will perform at 7:00 at the ampi theatre located at the Civic Center.  Last year they did a concert there to raise money for hurricane Katrina relief…and this year they are doing to concert as a way for our church to pour into local missions.

Two of the local organizations our church supports both through prayer and finances are Anderson Interfaith Ministries and the Crisis Pregnancy Center.  As I have said earlier…tonight’s concert is being completely paid for by NewSpring—and EVERY dime given will go straight towards these organizations—NewSpring will not be taking any money.

I am so thankful for both of these organizations.  I have personal experience with A.I.M.  (Anderson Interfaith Ministries.)  When I graduated college my father and I moved into a one bedroom apartment.  (I had a mattress on the living room floor & allowed him to have the bedroom.)  It was really all we could afford as he was on disability and I had a job making $16,000 a year.

When we moved into this apartment we could not afford to get any of the utilities turned on.  I am not trying to be overly dramatic here—but we were flat broke.  We went to A.I.M and they assisted us financially in getting power for our apartment…and water.  I will never forget their generosity.

This organization helps so many people in our community by providing food, clothing, assisting with getting power cut back one, back to school supplies for kids who may not be able to afford it…and the list goes on.  This concert will hopefully raise a lot of money for them…and bring an awareness to our community in regards to all that they do.

The other group we will be raising money for is the Crisis Pregnancy Center here in Anderson.  I believe in this ministry and what they are doing…and I am glad we have it here to assist with the mothers who feel hopeless and may not want to “keep” their baby.  This committed group of people assist these young moms, provide them hope, provide them with supplies such as formula and diapers…which if you are a parent then you KNOW how expensive these things are.

And this organization is serious about life.  They want to see the baby given a chance and not murdered in the womb.  I am so thankful for this group…and tonight is a way to draw attention to them and to pour resources into their ministry.

Hope to see you there tonight—it’s going to be awesome.

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