Jul 11, 2007

Where Are You From?

OK blog world—I’ve got to know—where are you from?

The lady who handles all of the e-mail from this site AND for our church is awesome—her name is Jenn and she was actually one of the original 15 people who God used to start NewSpring.

I walked into her cube the other day and she had up a map of the United States AND of the world with pins in it. When I asked her what that was she said, “The pins are places where people have e-mailed from across the US and around the world that have connected to us through your blog and/or the church website.”

It was amazing to see where people have connected with us from. (On a side note—I think we are getting closer and closer to seeing the entire world reached for Christ!))

SO…I told her I would ask the question on this site…where are you reading from? NOW…seriously, if you are reading from anywhere in the upstate then there is no need to e-mail in…we’ve already got a “pin” on the upstate.

However, if you are connecting with us from somewhere in the US OR around the world…shoot us an e-mail with your name and where you are from…Jenn will put a pin in that place…and then I will try to put a picture on this site of her maps.

Send away… and say hey to Jenn! :-)

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