Apr 27, 2007

What Sparks Creativity

I am often asked how creative ideas are developed at NewSpring…so here are a few things that we do…

#1 - Prayer! I am not trying to over spiritualize this…but I pray for creativity. I figure if God created the Grand Canyon, the Rocky Mountains, the oceans…then He’s pretty creative. I would call Him a lot of things…but BORING is not one!

#2 - Working Out…I have some of my best ideas while I am running and/or lifting weights.

#3 - Brainstorming meetings…I will gather groups of people together to develop ideas…YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN AT NEWSPRING ON MOTHER’S DAY! In my opinion it will be one of the top three Sunday’s we’ve ever had in the history of our church!!!

#4 - Listening to other speakers…I listen to tons of other guys…and have literally developed entire sermon series ideas from one point they have had in their message.

#5 - Getting in different environments…the other day I walked out of my office and around the church…and in doing so I came up with two points for the message I was working on that became my strongest points for the whole talk. Sometimes you’ve got to change environments…go for a walk!

#6 - Rest…we are NOT creative when we are MAXED out…and the more you force it…the more it is not going to happen.

#7 - Go to conferences…I always come back with creative ideas from any conference that I go to…and if I go to a conference and do not get a creative idea…then I don’t go back!!!

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