What Is Coming Our Way?

Mar 7, 2007

Let me hit several things very quickly…

First of all—tonight is FIRST WEDNESDAY!  We will crank it up at 6:30.  If you have NEVER been to a First Wednesday service then you KNOW they are off the hook.  AND…there is a “rumor” that Jack will be back on stage singing “saved!”

Secondly—I love the team I serve with here at NewSpring Church.  We met on Monday to talk about this Sunday’s service and it was electric (boogy woogy woogy)!  The atmosphere in the room was contagious as we began talking about what and how we were going to communicate.  Sure—we talked about the songs, the media…BUT most of all we focused on how to clearly communicate that Jesus is ALIVE!

I’ve got to share my favorite quote from the meeting…it was from Lee who said, “It is intellectual arrogance to assume that one inconclusive archeological find can overturn several thousand years of certainty and billions of personal testimonies.”  DANG…that’s awesome!!!

GET PEOPLE HERE THIS SUNDAY!  We will be presenting why the resurrection is real.  I am sick and tired of Christians wringing their hands every time the secular media launches an attack.  When the evidence is examined it really does make more sense to believe in the resurrection that to not believe in it.  I am SO READY for Sunday!!!

Speaking of Sunday…people…it’s THAT TIME of year again…the time we all hate…the time where on Saturday night we wind our clocks forward one hour.  That’s right—this Sunday night we LOSE an hour of sleep.  I am NOT excited about losing that hour—I love to sleep…but look at it on the bright side—it gets darker a lot later—which I was always excited about when I was a kid—it meant I could ride my go-cart longer!
Oh yeah, I just checked and the number for Unleash are now over 730!  HOLY COW!  We are going to have an AWESOME TIME!!!  If you are still thinking about coming and haven’t made the decision—COME ON!!!  There’s room!!!

Oh yeah—let me say this—Heroes is THE most awesome show on television…and I will fight you over that!  The way they ended Monday night’s episode was incredible.  It is officially my new favorite show, replacing Lost—which has gone WAY DOWN HILL in my opinion.  What happened to the writers?  Did they have a brain fart?  It sure does look like it—last weeks episode of Hurley (who hasn’t lost ONE SINGLE POUND) driving around in that stupid car was meaningless.  Just my opinion…

Have an awesome day!