Jan 15, 2008

What I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me (Part Two)

Following up with my last post on this...

#2 - You WILL Be Tested Within The First Year Of Starting A Church By A Big Giver!

We were! I can remember of at least two instances where there were some people who were giving BIG BUCKS to NewSpring walking away because things were not going along to “their” plan. One exit was ugly, the other was very graceful…and both were hard…because…

As the pastor/leader it is SO EASY to actually believe the lie that God needs a certain individuals money to make sure the church stays afloat. NOT TRUE…Psalm 24:1-2 pretty much says that everything belongs to God—and so that our faith needs to be in HIM and HIS provision and not some perceived “sugar daddy.”

I’ve seen it happen so many times…a big giver walks out the door and the temptation is to adjust the vision so that the money doesn’t leave. You have a choice…and if you sell God’s vision for cash then you will regret it for the rest of your ministry.

#3 - Do WHATEVER It Takes To Grow…and SHUT UP About How Much It Cost!

If I hear/see one more pastor/church planter complain about how much a conference cost and/or say they can’t afford something I am going to punch them…in the throat!

The Bible says in Proverbs 4:6-8 that we need to get wisdom—NO MATTER WHAT IT COSTS US!

Two things here…

Please spare me the e-mails about how we here at NewSpring are a big church and can therefore afford to go to conferences and such. YOU HAVE NO FLIPPIN IDEA WHAT THE HECK YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! (Yes, I am fired up!) I’ve been a FREAK about learning and growing from day one! We were spending money to bring in consultants the first year we we existed as a church. I remember loading up a plane FULL of people in 2003 to take them to C3…and it RADICALLY changed the way many of them viewed ministry.

I’ve always been “that guy” who, when given an opportunity to learn, stretch and grow, would get on a plane to WHEREVER and pay WHATEVER to learn. If you want to learn and grow…then there are PLENTY of opportunities to do so…you just have to pull your head out of your rear end for long enough to know that people aren’t just going to give you everything you ask for…learning will cost.

The second sort of piggy backs off of the first…those who are willing to pay the price will grow…and those who complain about how much things cost and cry about things…you will stay EXACTLY where you are (unless you go backwards.)

I STUDY church planters like crazy because I want to learn from them…I believe the guys just beginning are some of the most creative and innovative people on the planet…and the ones getting it done, the ones making a difference, ALL OF THEM—they are absolute FREAKS about going to the right places and connecting with the right people. They pay for plane tickets, hotel rooms, meals…WHATEVER it takes if they believe it will make their church more effective for God’s Kingdom.

Everything isn’t free…so SHUT UP about paying money when Jesus actually gave His life!!!

Saying all of that—here are a few things coming up that I would recommend you AT LEAST consider.

  • The Church Planters Conference - went there last year, Shawn does a great job and they have an all star line up of speakers this year. You can get to the link by looking on the right corner of his page.
  • C3 - And NO, I am NOT recomending it just because I am speaking. (I feel like the mule that was asked to speak at the Kentucky Derby!)
  • Unleash - More about this later
  • The Whiteboard Sessions - pay attention to Ben’s blog for more about this.
  • Drive - I think I may take the team I serve with to this one…Andy is an amazing leader/communicator.

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