Jun 16, 2006

What A Week—Random Thought On A Friday…

Parents—be warned…your kids are fired up!  Last nights service actually topped the night before…it was one of the BEST services I have ever been a part of in my sixteen years of ministry.  These teens are coming back with a passion to reach their friends for Christ…I told them that when we designed our current 2,500 seat sanctuary that we did so with the desire in mind to one day make it our YOUTH ROOM and that we will build a larger facility for the adults—THEY ARE PUMPED!!!

As you can see, Lee, Jon, DJ and I made it home safely last night.  I actually crawled into bed at 6am!!!  If you EVER want an interesting experience…you should travel through South Alabama at night!  WOW!  It is hard to find good food late at night.  We did find some Krispy Kreme doughnuts at one gas station—but they reminded us of hockey pucks—so we passed.  And everywhere we stopped had pork rinds—there is something about fried pigs fat that just makes me sick to my stomach!

To those parents who let their kids go on this trip—THANKS!  We have an AWESOME group of teenagers and I was so honored to be a part of everything that took place.  If you are NOT involved in youth ministry—you are missing out!!!

THIS SUNDAY AT NEWSPRING is going to ROCK!  Invite EVERY MAN YOU KNOW to be there.  On Mother’s Day I challenged the women—this will be Father’s Day…and so I am going to challenge the men. I am REALLY looking forward to the service!  The band will be doing a song that it going to part people’s hair!  Men—you had better represent this Sunday!!!  AND…we will be showing a video of some of the stuff that took place at camp after the service.

The network thing has had an amazing response…over 30 people who are interested—we’ve had people as far away as Arizona express an interest!!!  YEAH GOD!  For those who signed up—we will be sending you some information about this soon!

PRAYER REQUEST—MAJOR!!!  Please pray for my voice!!!  After speaking every night this week it is SHOT and I have three messages this Sunday!  Thanks!

Got to go know—I hear the gym calling…

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