Mar 16, 2017

West Coast Leadership Intensive

I am SO EXCITED to announce The Growth Company's Church Leadership Intensive on Tuesday, May 23 at South Bay Church in San Jose, California.  (A HUGE shout out to Pastor Andy Wood for hosting this event!)  

If you are a church leader and want to...

  • Build a winning culture that will propel your church forward
  • Establish a 6-12 month strategic plan that will clearly define the next step for your church
  • Develop a crystal clear marketing strategy that will allow you to engage more people
  • Plan out a preaching calendar that will allow you to build momentum throughout the year
  • Learn about five ways to increase giving in your church

Then you've got to come hang out with us for the day.  

The early bird rate for this event is only $99 (the price will increase to $149 on Friday, May 5) and it is limited to 200 people.  

Here is the page where you can find out more information and register.  I can promise you it will be worth the investment!  

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