Wednesday Panama City Update

Jun 13, 2007

I didn’t get to post last night because of a really funky internet connection…but yesterday was incredible.  Some highlights were…

  • We got to experience a MAJOR thunderstorm.  Some in our group got to experience it a little too much…they were deep sea fishing when it hit!
  • I provided comic relief for a few people when I leaned back in my chair at lunch…and the back legs broke.  The people at the next table said they looked and all they saw were my legs straight up in the air.  Luckily this was NOT caught on video.
  • Many teenagers have began to discover the joy of Starbucks.
  • Last nights service was incredible!!!  I spoke on what true worship is…and how jumping around and shouting doesn’t mean you are a true worshipper…it could mean that you have stepped on a bed of fire ants.
  • The challenge last night was to KNOW Jesus, to GROW in a relationship with Jesus…and then we can SHOW the world who Jesus is—that is worship!
  • We saw at least 10 teenagers receive Christ…and HUNDREDS came forward last night to spend time on their face before the Lord, asking Him to do something incredible in their lives.

Every night I have sat in the back of the room we are in and watched these teens worship…their passion for Jesus is REAL…and it is contagious.  I can’t wait to see our church on Sunday as these teens literally lead us in worship!  (Most of them attend the 11:15 service.)

I had this thought…if you combined the passion of these teens with the wisdom of the generation ahead of them…you would have a force that is unstopable—there would be NOTHING on planet earth that could hold it back…the way that force could advance God’s kingdom would be incredible…

AND…then it hit me…that is EXACTLY what is taking place at NewSpring.  The passion of these teens WILL be contagious for all of us…and these teens are soaking up Scripture like I have never seen.  I am pumped about what lies ahead for us as a church…Matthew 11:12 is becoming more and more real.