Jun 13, 2007

Wednesday NIGHT Panama City Update

I just returned back to the room from an amazing service…I spoke about the three teenagers in Daniel chapter three…and about how if three teens could influence a kingdom back then—what could 400 of them do in Anderson!

I spoke on the power of community…the power of sticking together…and that when these three guys in Daniel 3 stood together—people got to see Jesus.

Then I challenged them to come forward and pray for one another…and it was amazing.  I wish everyone could see what I have seen the past few nights…

These kids are FIRED UP!    

One of the things that keeps blowing my mind is how they are coming up to me and saying “thanks” for coming down here with them.  I WOULD NOT HAVE MISSED IT!!!  (Unless Charisse had came early…but other than that!)  :-)  It is a privilege and an honor to hang out with these kids!!!
I love our teenagers!!!  I have watched the Lord do amazing things among them all week long…and PLEASE PRAY…we have one more night to go.

Tomorrow morning (Thursday) we will be doing our beach baptism.  THIS is one of THE highlights of my year!!!  We looked out this morning and the water was so calm…I hope it is like that in the morning because last year the waves just about broke my back.

We are meeting out on the beach at 9:00…and it is going to be loud.  I told the kids tonight that the condos had people in them that went out and drank way too much booze…and that they were in their rooms with a hangover…and that we are going to wake them up in the morning by celebrating Jesus right on the beach in front of everyone!!!

It’s been a great trip…except for…

Today I came face to face with reality…I am getting older.  I played a game of ultimate frisbee on the beach with some of the teens…and right now…uh…I hurt all over.  What the heck?  I used to be able to play for hours and not feel a thing!!!  AHHHHH!

Once again…pray for our service tomorrow night…God has done some awesome things down here…but He isn’t finished yet.  Wow…I can’t wait!!!

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