Jan 24, 2017

Want To Maximize Your Leadership?

Update On The Round Table Events!!!  (These Events Are Filling Up Fast!)  

On Monday, March 20 I will be hosting a roundtable event in Anderson, SC focused on Seven Mistakes Business Leaders Make...And How To Fix Them! It's gonna be an awesome day and I believe it will set your business up for success.

The roundtable is limited to 50 spots--and only around 30 are left. (Registrations are happening pretty fast.) The cost of the event is $499 (includes lunch) until February 24...where it will increase to $799. If you want to get in on this I would suggest getting registered soon - here is the website - https://iwantmybusinesstogrow.com/events/roundtable

On Tuesday March 21 and Wednesday March 22 I will be hosting a roundtable event for church leaders. At this event will be talking about how to REALLY formulate a strategy for your church over the next 6-12 months that will allow you to maximize the opportunities God has placed in front of you.

We will also be talking about how to effectively create culture, cast vision, recruit volunteers...and a HOST of other things as well.

The event is limited to 50 people...and...we have about 30 spots left (this event is filling up quickly as well!) The cost is $499 - but will increase to $799 on February 24. Here is the website where you can get more information and register. https://iwantmychurchtogrow.com/events/roundtable

These are going to be AWESOME events - I hope you can make it to one of them...I can promise it will be a GREAT investment.

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