Feb 18, 2013  |  People

Want To Help Reach/Change The World?

We currently have around 40 job openings at NewSpring Church (here is the page where they are all posted.)  

I'm looking for people to come on staff who don't just want a job...but rather to make a difference by using their gifts/talents in the context of the local church to IMPACT this world for Christ.  

Don't have ministry experience?  Not a problem...most of our current staff actually come from what is often called "the marketplace!"  

We're not looking for a particular religious pedigree but rather people who genuinely feel God's call on their life to full time vocational ministry.  

One more thing...I wanted everyone to know and understand that ministry IS hard work, a job on a church staff isn't a cake walk by any means.  We're looking for people who are FIRED UP and MOTIVATED, people who are willing to learn the things they do not know...and will work as hard as possible to reach over 100,000 people for Jesus.  

Once again, here is the jobs page if you are interested.

Let us know if you're interested!  

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