Dec 12, 2011

Unleash Tickets Are Going Fast!!!

Ok, so here’s the deal…Unleash sells out EVERY YEAR!!!

For those who are unaware of what Unleash is I will explain…it is a one day conference for church staff and volunteers that is designed to encourage, challenge, inform, inspire and motivate you to do church the way GOD has called you to do church.  In this conference we have two main sessions and then two sessions with breakouts designed to answer the questions people have in regards to what we are doing that is working as well as being completely honest and transparent about the mistakes we have made.

(AND…for Unleash veterans, we’ve changed up some breakouts this year…I can’t wait!)

We price it low (the early bird rate, which ends on January 11 is $49 per person!!!)  Why do we price it that low?  SIMPLE…we want you to bring as many people as possible with you!!!  It’s one thing when a leader goes somewhere where they can be encouraged and inspired…it’s a completely different thing altogether when he/she can take a crew of people with them so that they can all have the same experience!!!  (And…it’s a one day deal…so it is much easier for your volunteers to take a day off of work and come along!)

We will not be streaming the sessions live online this year.  We’ve released them on the Perry Noble Leadership Podcast for the past several years…and we may do so again this year; however, we are choosing not to do so because we really do believe that there is just something very unique and special about actually being at this experience.

And…I can promise you this…every seat in the main sanctuary WILL BE SOLD by January 11th!!!  So, if you want to make sure that you and your crew have a seat I would reserve my tickets ASAP. (Here is the website!!!)

We may open the Fuse auditorium next door for overflow seating, which is an amazing experience as well, but as for now there are seats available in the main sanctuary…but they are GOING FAST!!!

It’s going to be an amazing year…it always is…and I hope to see you here!!!

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