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Apr 14, 2006  |  Random

Top Ten Reasons To Attend NewSpring This Weekend

#10 - Its EASTER—we should all go to church “whether we need it or not!”

#9 - Because I can attend on Saturday evening and sleep in on Sunday—guilt free!

#8 - The word “cantata” will not be used in any capacity whatsoever!

#7 - You will not hear a sermon on “Reasons the Easter Bunny Is From Hell!” (But seriously folks, it always freaked me out as a kid when I was told that a giant rabbit came in my house at night! I still haven’t fully recovered from it!)

#6 - Because NewSpring is one of the few places on this planet you might hear, “Hey dude, check out my new Easter tattoo!”

#5 - Because our creative arts area has worked so hard in putting together one of the BEST presentations I have ever seen in my life! (Props to Lee, Ken, DJ, Judith, Karla, Gizz…and my hero—SHANE!) One more thing—you are going to REALLY want to be here early this weekend, I can’t tell you what is happening—but there is going to be some COOL stuff happening before the service starts!

#4 - Because pastels are not mandatory!

#3 - Because you do not have to buy new clothes & have other people more interested in what you are wearing rather than the person you are becoming! (We have declared a ban on large Easter hats…anyone wearing one will be tackled!)

#2 - Because the message will be FOCUSED on the most awesome person to ever live on this planet—JESUS CHRIST! I firmly believe this message will encourage the believer AND challenge the socks off of those who say that there is nothing that special about Jesus!

#1 - You decide! And once you do—then tell at least 10 people your reason and DRAG them with you this weekend. Remember—four services, 4 & 6 on Saturday and 9:30 & 11:15 on Sunday!

See you this weekend—AND PEOPLE—I just won’t listen to excuses as to why someone isn’t able to show up on Saturday or Sunday…I’ve got a 14 mile run Saturday morning…and I will be preaching twice that evening…if I can do it…so can you! :-)

Oh yeah, one more thing…if anyone is going to bring me Easter candy then keep two things in mind…

#1 - I HATE PEEPS! I mean it—those things freak me out and make me want to throw things! It may be a holdover from the whole big bunny coming into my house trauma!

#2 - I LOVE ROBIN EGGS! :-) (You know—the Whoppers Easter candy!)

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