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Nov 15, 2012

Top Blog Posts Of 2007

As I mentioned yesterday...been writing here for seven years, so, in case you missed these posts...here are the top ones from 2007.  

#10 - NewSpring, A Cult? - If you are a pastor or church planter you have most likely been referred to as a cult at some point...so, I went through and broke down the characteristics of a cult, definitely a fun article to write.  

#9 - What God Is Teaching Me Through Charisse - I learned more about the love of God through being a dad than any book or any amount of Scripture I ever read, here were a few thoughts I shared on it.  

#8 - Superficial Sunday In The South - This post was more of a rant in regards to how people dress for church.  

#7 - Eyes Locked - One of THE MOST POWERFUL moments I've ever had with the Lord in my life!  

#6 - "I Don't See How Someone Can Worship God With A Booming Sound System!" - I actually heard a church leader say this statement on the radio...so, I shared my thoughts.  :-)  

#5 - We Are Family...A Charisse Update - This is a post I wrote about Charisse just a few days after she was born.  

#4 - Eight Things I Think Every Worship Leader Should Know

#3 - Charisse Is Here - This is the blog post where I announced Charisse's birth

#2 - Be Sure You Get That Scripture Right - This is a post I did about some times when either myself or someone I knew got a Scripture reference wrong...and it came back to haunt them!  :-)  

#1 - "Nice" Christian Boys & Girls Make Me Sick - The church has done a wonderful job of raising up nice boys and girls who do good things but do not actually love Jesus.  


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