Three Ways To Better Connect With Leaders?

Dec 13, 2018

My friend Leslie Haas wrote a BRILLIANT post yesterday about three ways to better connect with leaders - wanted to share it today...

On a typical work day I get between 3-5 requests asking for advice or my involvement in a charity or other project. Obviously these usually don’t end up becoming revenue producing ventures so I must be careful about which ones I choose because there are only so many hours in the day. So I thought it might be valuable to share a few of my favorite tips for getting face time with a busy entrepreneur or business leader.

1 - Email subject line “Looking to Connect”.

Gets  [��] �� me  [��] �� every  [��] �� time. Instead of using your event or start up name, go ahead and set your intentions clear. Plus, it adds a bit of intrigue - what are we going to connect about? Could this be some exciting new venture? Might be. Try it!

2 - Be direct, and make a specific ask.

I can’t stress this enough. Most business owners simply don’t have the extra hour in the day to spend emailing back and forth while pleasantries are exchanged and intentions are peeled back like an onion until you get to the core of what you want. So go ahead and ask! .

Instead of “I’m starting a podcast and someone like you could help it get off the ground” try “I’ve started a podcast where I interview business owners with the aim of giving advice to up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Interviews are 30 minutes each. Would you happen to be available on date X or X?”

Instead of “I’d love to meet for coffee and pick your brain” try “You seem to be an expert in (blank) and (blank). Could I get 15 minutes of your time to ask your opinion on (area of expertise) as it pertains to (upcoming event, business idea, etc”. This one is GREAT not only because you’ve set a time expectation, but if the person you’re asking doesn’t feel this is their area of expertise, they can point you in the direction of someone who may be.

3 - Once you’ve bagged the appointment, say you’re going to send a calendar reminder, and do it immediately.

If something’s not on my calendar, it doesn’t happen. Plain and simple!

PS - if you are looking to take your social media to the next level--you should definitely contact Leslie - go here to check out her home page.  

PPS - No, i DO NOT get a referral fee, I recommend her because she's good at what she does.  (Trust me--someone was going to ask!)  :-)